Empowering Companies and Innovators from Discovery to Commercialization

CSSi LifeSciences is a global, innovative CRO and consulting group. We specialize in advancing therapeutics and medical devices through development and regulatory approval. We offer customized solutions that mitigate risk, time, and expense to support the U.S. market goals of your company.

Our timely insights, proven processes, and strategic perspective deliver a clear and actionable pathway to successful commercialization. Our integrated model provides optimum value-creation for early-stage and emerging growth companies.


To empower innovators with the expertise, skills, and networking that accelerate novel therapeutics and medical devices to market for patients who benefit most.

Accelerating Novel Research Discoveries to Commercialization

Chart depicting Discovery & Development through Lifecycle Planning

CSSi provides global patient recruitment and retention planning by addressing the key factors in a successful enrollment campaign: the right strategy for the protocol and the right tools to complete enrollment on time and on budget.

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CSSi LifeSciences

Nexus Informatics provides innovative technology for pharmaceutical manufacturers, specialty pharmacies and hub providers. Our comprehensive suite of services, coupled with deep expertise in patient support, overcomes the limitations of traditional patient access hub models. We integrate all patient support services and programs providing clients a vision into patient touchpoints throughout the patient pathway.

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Nexus Informatics

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